PSA Certified Security Report 2021

Bridging the Gap

Benchmark Your Approach to IoT Security

We are only just beginning to realize the full potential of digital transformation and over the next decade, we will see services scale at an unprecedented rate. The ‘electronics industry’s’ realization and adoption of security best practice is at the heart of unleashing its true potential. To measure the progress, PSA Certified has commissioned this report, giving an up to date comprehensive study into the attitudes, the practices, the pitfalls and the possibilities that the IoT brings about. We studied the opinions of 600+ technology decision makers, and in doing so learned why the future of digital security will come as the direct result of cross-industry collaboration. We hope you enjoy this brand new report and join us on this collaborative journey to secure the future of digital transformation.

David Maidment
Director of Secure Device Ecosystem, Arm

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About PSA Certified

PSA Certified is a collection of seven co-founders who are collaborating on a robust framework to build security into the heart of connected devices, from analysis through to security assessment and certification.

The scheme has gained significant momentum since its launch in 2019, with now over 50 products certified including: silicon chips, OEM devices and software platforms. Together we’re unifying the IoT ecosystem under one common language that enables the industry to take steps today, that will protect society tomorrow.

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